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Join the Nest

This is what it's like to work here!

We call ourselves the nest because that’s what we are - a family-oriented team of people with unique roles, all working with the same core values and goals. NFD team members get the opportunity to learn from each other, grow quickly and give back every day.

Positions Available

- Dental Hygienist

- Dental Assistant

smiling front desk women.jpeg
smiling front desk women.jpeg

Our Core Values

  • Fun

  • Patient-Centric

  • Self-Driven

  • Positive

  • Ethical

  • Charitable

  • Coachable

Perks & Benefits

  • Free and reduced cost dental care

  • No Limit on Monthly Bonuses

  • 401K Matching

  • Vacation time

  • Nest Hangouts

  • Company Retreats

  • Paid Team Trainings

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